About us

Don’t jump into a legal matter alone. Hire a knowledgeable lawyer to help you through the process. For representation in a broad spectrum of legal matters, the attorneys at Russin Law are here to protect your interests. Our attorneys provide legal services in various matters including family law, criminal law, business development, elder law, personal injury, and more.

Basil G. Russin and Alexander B. Russin, both from Wyoming County, make up the legal team at Russin Law. Our attorneys have been practicing PA law since 1973 and are devoted to representing your interests. Full attention and care is top priority and our team is sensitive to a client’s unique circumstance. If an office meeting can’t be arranged, our attorneys will conduct consultations at anyresidences or places of business to discuss legal matters. Regardless of the situation, the attorneys at Russin Law will make sure client satisfaction is guaranteed.

Trust a local, family-oriented law firm to handle your case in NEPA. Ourexperienced legal counsel focuses on clients’ needs first. Retain our attorneys and Russin Law will provide you with the best legal aid in the Valley.